Summer Update

It is the midway point of an intense journey of doing camp ministry this summer.  June and July entails eight camps that have lead me to Alabama, Oklahoma, Memphis, and GA.  The past four weeks has been truly an incredible outpouring of God’s favor over the lives of nearly ten thousand teenagers.  Please know that it has never been about the numbers or records of decisions that determine the success of this ministry, but the number of students have responded to Christ for salvation is nearing almost 400 professions of faith.  This truly is a work of the Holy Spirit and the faithfulness of God’s Word that leads sinners to repentance.  It is overwhelming to watch people pass from death to life and continues to validate that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a living breathing reality.  The challenge students all summer has been through the book of 1st John and to walk verse by verse with these students and leaders has been a refreshing look of the relevance of God’s Word to our every day lives.  The message simply summarized is the message of Christianity is not that we are to do better and try harder, but that Jesus Christ is better!  His work upon the cross and victory over the empty grave allows each individual believer to walk in constant communion with the maker of the universe.  Therefore, we have all that we need for life and godliness in the person of Jesus Christ who has caused us to have a new nature.   This new nature leads us to blessed life not found in the trinkets and treasures of this world, but the all-satisfying grace that abounds through the work of the Holy Spirit producing godliness.  The work that God began by initiating salvation was accomplished by the sinless Jesus.

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  • Jonathan Mandry Aug 8, 2012 at 17:52

    I was at Falls Creek camp in OK. I just want to say thank you for what God laid on your heart to share that week . We brought a few church’s from Colorado. Please keep us in your prayers.